Welcome to Terra Nova, humanity’s first manmade spacefaring metropolis. Designed to be an autonomous utopia and flagship interstellar craft. Manned by a live-in crew of 2000 people.

But something has gone wrong, there has been radio silence from the Terra Nova for over 3 weeks now, and the last messages received spoke of growing hostility, mutiny and chaos between the 6 main teams working aboard this ship.

You are a diplomatic vessel, sent from the United Stars Coalition, the organisation that oversees all human activity across the known universe.

On arrival you find Terra Nova floating off its usual course, its shuttle bay is closed, the lights are off and through the windows you can make out sparks, broken screens and walls covered in graffiti.

You have been able to open up communication to 6 individuals aboard the starship intercom, each belongs to a different faction. Each has their own problems and grievances. If you can work with them and earn their trust, maybe, just maybe you can sort things out.

Oh and another thing, the Terra Nova’s central core that powers the ship is giving off some very concerning readings. In just one hour it will explode unless all 6 faction leaders can come together and give their access codes to stabilise it. Collaboration is vital for their survival!

Your Mission

Earn the trust of all 6 factions to acquire a fragment of the Terra Nova’s flag.

Use the completed flag to generate an access code to reactivate the ship’s computer before the core explodes!

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